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Dec 10, 2019

Currently the lead vocalist and bass player for the legendary Grass Roots, Marks career started out in Chicago with bands like Street Kids, Dreamer and All-Night Newsboys. Mark currently resides in Orlando Florida where he you can catch him weekly on his radio program "making noise with Mark Dawson".

Dec 3, 2019

One week was just not enough! We finish up what we started last episode with this episode! The Buddy Rich stories!

Nov 26, 2019

Emmy Award winning drummer Gregg Potter is the drummer with The Buddy Rich Band. Formerly with Teenage Radiation and a number of other groups, he joined us to talk about his legendary career.

Nov 19, 2019

You may know Chicago Musician Jay Goeppner for his love of The Beatles! You may have heard him on the Johnny B or Kevin Matthews radio shows as a Beatle Brother! He's performed in over 15 countries! Sang with Roger Daltrey, Dave Matthews and Cheap trick! Now he is playing out his originals with his rocking band!...

Nov 12, 2019

Classical Blast blurs musical lines, melding classical music into classic rock hits or rocking music by Beethoven, Bach and composers from other centuries, sometimes adding original lyrics. From Bach to classic rock to metal to pop, we hope you’ll find their approach to music a refreshing change. It’s the...