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Welcome to the

Rock n Roll Chicago



Aug 10, 2021

The PriSSillas, a Chicago based cover band, plays with an intensity and passion that will keep you engaged from the first the last.
The PriSSillas Will Rock Your Soul!
Delivered with a gritty, soulfulness The PriSSillas will engage you with songs that span the many decades and genres...from Janis Joplin to Jack White, Lynyrd Skynard to Little Big Town, and the Rolling Stones to Radiohead.
More Than Just Music...This is No Ordinary Band!
The ultimate goal for every show is to entertain, not just play music. And that's exactly what they do! Their high-energy performance will keep you mesmerized. There is no doubt they love what they do and they love their audience. The fun and energy onstage is contagious and The PriSSillas have a chemistry that jumps off the stage with every beat.