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Oct 19, 2021

Wavelength is a Classic Rock band from the South Chicago Suburbs. Playing Classic Rock and, Progressive Rock, they have been playing to Chicagoland audiences for many years.

Oct 5, 2021

Scott DuBose and 101 Ranch have been country rockin' the Chicagoland area for many many years. This is not your daddy's country! We had a chance to talk with Scott and learn about him and the band.

Sep 14, 2021

Mock Star is a collaboration of some of the greatest musicians in the Midwest…all talented, seasoned players who will be playing some incredible music from the BEST decade ever - the 80s!! - by recreating it’s timeless music and having it played with the utmost respect to the originals with exceptional musical...

Aug 10, 2021

The PriSSillas, a Chicago based cover band, plays with an intensity and passion that will keep you engaged from the first the last.
The PriSSillas Will Rock Your Soul!
Delivered with a gritty, soulfulness The PriSSillas will engage you with songs that span the many decades and genres...from Janis Joplin to...

Aug 3, 2021

The crowds just get bigger and bigger. 2021's most talked about 80's band, JESSIE'S GIRL, takes 80's fun to a higher level - A DANCE YOUR FACE OFF attitude! Every member has amazing musical roots and every song is embedded in the history of music. Catch a show. There's NOTHING ELSE BUT MAXIMUM...